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2018 was a wild ride!

It’s hard to believe we’re already almost through February 2019! On October 10, 2018, Hurricane Michael blew into the Florida Panhandle with landfall at Mexico Beach and Tyndall AFB. It’s the worst storm I’ve seen here and devastating doesn’t really describe what we lived through but we are safe and will rebuild.

The good news is the recovery is going well, at least in St. Joe.  Cleanup continues for miles but at least we are now able to drive from St. Joe to Panama City without long unsafe detours. Downtown St. Joe and the marina area have some work to go but businesses are slowly coming back to life in our small community. Mexico Beach is just beginning it’s recovery.

If you’ve been here there are miles of coastline which won’t look the same as the last time you visited. If you’ve never been, you can see the rebuilding. There is a lot still to do for many miles but we are Florida strong!

The good news is that we are fishing in St. Joe Bay. Need to get away, warmer weather is coming and we are ready to fish.

Tropical Storm Karen is on the move!

Tropical Storm Karen is currently churning in the Gulf of Mexico and we are on storm watch until Wednesday, 10/9/13 as is stands now.  The current path will certainly affect our area with possible heavy rainfall.

Normally we would tell you to stay up to date with but that website is currently closed for business due to the current government shutdown.  However, you can get information at  I’m not sure of the difference since it is also a NOAA website.  A political tactic?  Possibly.

Be sure to keep and eye to the sky and the surf!

Hurricane Season is Here!

It’s great to see summer!  Fishing is good, the beach is great but there is one small weather problem which can put a crimp in the best of plans.

Tropical storm Andrea passed by a few days ago.  We’ll be keeping an eye on new storms and so should you.  Nothing new in our area now so come on down the the Florida beaches and do some flatbottom fishing.

The latest information is available on the NOAA website.

Talk great fishing!

The weather has been in the mid to upper 90’s here in Port St. Joe, FL. The heat isn’t hurting the fishing in St. Joe Bay. Yesterday, Aug. 6 we caught more than our limit and put a lot back in the water. It was great fun!

Scallop season is right now, so if you’ve ever thought about trying it, now’s the time.