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Speckled Trout Fishing

Recently, Captain Mark had the pleasure of taking Mark Olis, a writer for Grand View Outdoors, on a fishing trip.  Mr. Olis called it “The Hunt for Speckled Trout” and the complete article can be read here:  The Hunt for Speckled Trout

An excerpt,

A local fisherman was telling me about Lyle’s fishing expertise and he said, “If there’s a crab out there, he knows where it’s at.” After spending a couple of days on the water with Lyle, I believe that fella was right.

It was a fun day and a good catch!

Speckled Trout Fish Catch

Tropical Storm Karen is on the move!

Tropical Storm Karen is currently churning in the Gulf of Mexico and we are on storm watch until Wednesday, 10/9/13 as is stands now.  The current path will certainly affect our area with possible heavy rainfall.

Normally we would tell you to stay up to date with but that website is currently closed for business due to the current government shutdown.  However, you can get information at  I’m not sure of the difference since it is also a NOAA website.  A political tactic?  Possibly.

Be sure to keep and eye to the sky and the surf!

Great fishing day in St. Joe Bay!

It wasn’t the most beautiful day but today’s outing with some young men from Tennessee was a “catching” trip.  The catch of the day included speckled trout and bluefish.

Nice speckled trout!
Nice Bluefish!
Another speckled trout!

Scalloping in St. Joe Bay

It’s scallop season in Port St. Joe, Florida!  This year the season began on July 1 and ends on September 24.  It was extended a little this year and the scallops are plentiful.

4 people can have a fun scalloping trip for around $200.  Bring your  own snorkeling equipment and we’ll find the scallops!  Schedule your trip now before the season runs out.  Don’t forget there are other fishing activities as well.


Captain Mark and grandson Payton snorkeling for scallops in St. Joe Bay.
Time for another dive!
Kaydence wants to give it a try!

There are lots of activities going on around Port St. Joe and the Florida Panhandle this time of year. Visit Gulf County Facebook page for more information.