Scalloping, Fun and Work at the same time

Scallop season is July 1 to September 10 unless extended. It has been extended each of the past two years so we’ll have to wait to see.

Scalloping is done in shallow water (less than 3 feet) and is a lot of fun, at least picking them from the water is fun. Shucking them, not so much….. Low tide makes them easier to see in deeper water.

We will take up to 4 people on a scallop trip but you’ll need to bring your own snorkeling equipment, hats, sunscreen and cameras.

There is a limit to the number of scallops each person is allowed to harvest. If shucked, the limit is 1 pt. per person with a 1/2 gallon max for the entire trip. In the shell, the limit is 2 gallon per person so a party of 4 can bring in 10 gallons by counting the captain as a fifth person.  It’s better to bring them to shore in the shell, then shuck.

Shucking is not included in our trip price so be prepared to shuck your own!

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